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Standard User thebigdolphin1
(member) Tue 06-Dec-16 23:03:48
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Is it difficult to cable houses on a 'main' road?

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I've recently been checking Virgin Medias website, which is reporting that they plan to roll out to our local area very soon (which is rather peculiar as they don't come anywhere near our area).

Checking my postcode (S10 4LD) I get the message "We're on our way...", whereas various postcodes located behind the row of houses I live on (such as S10 4JG) are responding with "Great news! We’re on our way", along with a more promising description.

Are these just generic randomised messages, or is there a reason as to why my postcode is showing up differently? The reason I'm so eager to find out is that I'm only able to receive 4Mbps (at best) using an Openreach connection, which is insufficient for my household's needs.
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