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Standard User thebigdolphin1
(member) Thu 23-Feb-17 18:10:58
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Any idea on what the "cable my street" status messages mean?

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In November, Virgin Media's cable my street website displayed some pleasing messages for nearby postcodes, indicating that they were interested in cabling our area.

The block of postcodes behind my address (such as S104JG) displayed a title message of something like "Great news! We're on our way!", along with a brief message which sounded very promising. Unfortunately, my postcode (S104LD) displayed something along the lines of "We're on our way...", as did practically every other postocde within a mile radius or so - possibly just a message saying "we're cabling some postcodes nearby"?

As the new year came around, all nearby postcodes with the "Great news" in the title also just changed to "We're on our way...", possibly showing that they were no longer in any installation plans in the near future.

Upon checking the postcodes now (the website appears to have also changed slightly), there are two different messages showing, but with the same "We're on our way..." heading:

S104LD: We’re busy behind the scenes getting ready to connect your community. We’re working as fast as we can to get to you and looking forward to being able to bring Virgin Media services to this area.

S104JG: Your community has been chosen for future development. We’re working as fast as we can to get to you but right now we can’t confirm when we’ll be able to connect this address to Virgin Media services.

Does anybody have any idea what either of these messages actually mean, and how long it'd typically take for them to roll out their cable services to a new area?


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