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Standard User mlmclaren
(knowledge is power) Thu 20-Jul-17 18:41:29
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Arrgh need some help...

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Having a really bad couple of days with Virgin at the moment, they've somehow screwed up my account and landed me with a bill for 3.22x the usual monthly rate...

Anyway, they are saying alot of cconflicting information and basically nothing is going to get fixed until next bill, however I don't have £113 to pay to Virgin for £35 worth of services.

So I need to an email address to reach execs offices/complaints to explain clearly whats gone wrong and top get it sorted, because on the phone I'm getting bad attitudes, hung up on and lies, web chat for complaints is unavailable.

If anyone has any addresses I could try please drop me a message.

Best Regards,
"I don't take too kindly to coaxial pushed rubbish... or to them damned Intel Puma wastes of plastic."
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