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(experienced) Thu 27-Jul-17 20:30:23
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Virgin Wifi on the London Underground (Tube)

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Are there any users of the London Underground wifi service on here who have been having persistent login problems over the last few weeks?

This is only really aimed at people who do NOT use the virgin wifi app on Android/IOS but sign in via the browser splash screen/captive portal.

Usually when you enter coverage you log in via the VM splash screen & advert then get connected - that session then persists from station to station and however long your on the network. Lately it would appear that something is either broken or changed so that *every* time you reconnect to the network you have to go via the splash screen/ad before you can carry on browsing.

At every station when you try and navigate to a link you will be represented with the slash/ad.

The next question is - how to report it to VM, or any VM forum users care to make a post? This is pan-network and has been going on for the last few weeks. App users are (apparently) unaffected.
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