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Standard User aromadome
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 13-Apr-19 19:53:16
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Two weeks waiting for Virgin to fix their local network?!

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Am on the verge of dumping Virgin for Zen.

I've been waiting TWO WEEKS for them to fix a "noisy cable" (according to their "support")
which has been causing massive packet-loss and slow speeds for all the local subscribers (East London).

Typically I've had to upload a bunch of large audio files to a server this afternoon and the upload speed is going from nothing to about 100 kib/s so it's taking an age.

Was going to switch to using my EE 4g connection on my phone but it was eat into my data allowance (10 GIG month).

It's so frustrating. I can go weeks with no issues then when there is a problem with their network it seems to take ages to fix.

Apologies for vent.

Vent complete smile

Thank **** for the excellent tools on this site. At least I can prove there are major issues with my connection by using the brilliant connection monitor graphic.

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