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Standard User jamesmacwhite
(newbie) Mon 20-Jul-20 08:37:43
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Hub4 with a 6in4 tunnel, please share your IPv6 performance

[link to this post]
If you have used a 6in4 tunnel that points to a Virgin Media IP (Both residential and business) you'll likely be aware of dramatic speed difference 6in4 has over native IPv4 or even IPv6 over UDP i.e. Wireguard or OpenVPN, for a general overview this is the problem I am referring to:

For those with the newer Hub4 modem either on the Gig1 package or not, if you happen to know what 6in4 is or already run a 6in4 tunnel on your Virgin Media connection with the Hub4 in modem mode, it would be great if you could post the speeds you get over 6in4 IPv6. I have heard from a few customers that the speed of 6in4 was much faster with a Hub4, so I'm trying to find out more information on this.

If you have a Hub4 that is in modem mode and you have a 6in4 tunnel from a provider like Hurricane Electric or another provider like SecureBit ( then I'd be very much interested in your IPv6 performance stats with curl, iperf3 etc.

Thank you!
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