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Standard User anthonyshapley
(newbie) Thu 10-Sep-20 14:52:27
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Virgin Media Business - Packet Loss Issues

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Hi there,

I have been using the broadband ping monitoring service ThinkBroadband provides for the last 3 days monitoring my account, due to continuous intermittent connectivity for the last 2 weeks or so.

Really looking for some advice on what might be causing this?

Link to the monitoring:
My Broadband Ping

I haven't observed any pattern to this happening, it seems random - though does seem to worsen in the evenings.

If I call Virgin's support they have blamed it on my own hardware (which I have since replaced), but typically just inform me the line has remained connected to them and see they see no issues with it.

If I login to the Hitron Router, both the Line & GRE Tunnel are connected. They did have some issues with the GRE Tunnel on Sunday/Monday and we experienced a full 12 hour outage.

I've seen on some other forums people posting signal information from the modem, happy to share this if anyone might be able to help me diagnose what is actually wrong?

Thanks in advanced for taking the time to read and any ideas you may have.

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