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Standard User jamesmacwhite
(learned) Sun 18-Apr-21 11:10:07
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Latency spikes

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I'm aware of Virgin Media and the common latency issues DOCSIS cable can have. I'm just wanting to get any other opinions on something I've noticed.

My Virgin Media connection seems to experience latency spikes after a while of the modem being online and connected. I've noticed this on both M100 and more recently M350, so I'm assuming it's related to my area or setup on my end. I have the Hub 3 in modem mode connected to an OpenWrt router.

Example case, on 31st March I changed my broadband package which caused a reboot for the new config to be applied going from M100 to M350, prior to this the latency has been a bit poor:

After the reboot the latency has been fine, here's a snapshot during April. Yellow spikes being common on this type of connection.

However during the afternoon 15th April the maximum latency started spiking and has been since then.

Then rebooting the modem this morning (18th April) we can see the latency has reduced to similar levels where it was on the last reboot.

This latency behaviour seems to repeat often. I could go back through various examples months back.

Now unofficially, there is no command line interface to the Hub modem, but you can leverage the SNMP over HTTP commands to essentially force a reboot, but this seems like a hack for a wider problem. So I'm interested in other thoughts on this.



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