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Standard User DavaDK
(newbie) Tue 03-May-16 20:31:22
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Re: Anyone connected yet? Ordered.

[re: durkasmurk] [link to this post]
I'm on Vodafone, and got in february. It haven't been a smooth ride, but initially it was great.
Despite the routers cheap looks in the menu, i must admit, i haven't seen a better ISP provided router perform better on wireless for years. It works, and it works well!.

However, having got troubles with my phoneline (untied Utilites have dug up further down the road, and seems to have hit our cables) so give some fault with ~30V to ground.

Strange thing is, router still trains up to the exchange with close to max of 18meg. Most of the time, it works wonderful.
But every now and again, hop no. 2 to either times out, or comes with ridiculous lag of thousands of ms during trace route.

Now, my questions is, can i see anywhere if it is through BT Wholesale (which i must admit, i have a suspicion it is), and which might be why, this slowdown seems like a heavily congested BT exchange. For sure it can't be the millions of VF customers on my exchange, lol

If needed - the exchange is MRSTE
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