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Standard User TheHorseman
(knowledge is power) Sat 12-Nov-16 16:53:56
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Migration underway

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I have decided to go with Vodafone and signed up online last night. My switchover date was confirmed this morning as the 29th Nov. I will let you know how it all goes.

It did nearly fail at the first hurdle, as when I submitted the online form it went through the motions and then came back as failed and said that there had been errors but did not specify what they were. It gave me the option to resubmit or call them, I chose to resubmit the form and this time it was successful.

It would perhaps have been useful to know what the errors were, need to sort your website Vodafone. It also suggests that you can follow the progress of your order on the 'My Vodafone' site, you enter username/password and then they send a code to your mobile which you enter, however upon entering the code and pressing the appropriate button you are met with a Java Lang null pointer exception. A swift Google showed that I am not alone. It seems that Vodafone may be having a few teething problems.

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