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Standard User Jnaro
(newbie) Sat 29-Apr-17 19:17:12
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Made the leap.

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Recently switched after 8 years on BT FTTC. So far, no complaints. The only downtime was unplugging my Billion router and plugging in theirs. Had 80/20 with BT, getting 75/20 with VF, assuming its their modem being not a Broadcom chipset, or some DLM is underway. Anyway, until I can use my own router(work in progress) I'm content with theirs. It's not as bad as people have made out. The Wifi is slightly worse than my Billon 8800AXL, but its not that noticeable. Actually think the range is better. No loss of sync yet. BT will be tough to beat, I had sync for months on end, and less than 24hrs DT in 8 years is exceptional, but aren't we all tired of paying £65pcm? I was.

oh the app is [censored], it never worked, think it requires the default SSID or something.
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