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Standard User ffgmat
(newbie) Sun 13-Jan-19 14:23:15
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Gigafast Milton Keynes FTP Port Speed Problem

[link to this post]
I am from Milton Keynes and I have new fibre brodband from 07.january. My connection 100Mbit/s download 100Mbit/s upload
Speed result: Result

I have a problem with downloading files through FTP port 21 or any other port no, speed should be 12.5MB/s I have max 2MB/s. Downloading on port 80 works fine , any other ports have same limits? Upload speed is fine, full speed 12.5MB/s.
Customer service said- That is not their fault and they havent any ftp speed limits. So I am a bit confused

Can someone from Milton Keynes check speed and let me know the results here. I have max 2MB/s ( should be 12.5MB/s ) -- easy way to test FTP upload/download. Same result for me -- vodafone servers


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Standard User mbames
(member) Sun 13-Jan-19 20:44:02
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Re: Gigafast Milton Keynes FTP Port Speed Problem

[re: ffgmat] [link to this post]
I get 172KB/s on my vodafone 80/20 (sync) speed service on port 80. FTP seems to require a login.

good looking route though


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 3 ms 2 ms
2 11 ms 12 ms 13 ms []
3 10 ms 16 ms 12 ms
4 13 ms 12 ms 14 ms
5 12 ms 13 ms 13 ms []

Trace complete.

Vodafone Fibre (Superfast2 - 80/20), Draytek 130, DrayTek 2925, DrayTek AP-910c x 2
(Gone but not forgotten: AP-700, 2820n x 2, 2800vg, 2800, HG612)

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