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Standard User Ianph
(committed) Wed 31-Jul-19 18:38:31
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Thanks vodafone!

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Hi there first post for a long time smile

I moved to vodafone from plusnet in february and a month ago i had an issue with my phone.

This was fixed next day by an openreach engineer who replaced the bt faceplate. 1 hour after the openreach guy left i got a call from vodafone support asking if the phone was better i said yes its perfect now so guy says ok ill just run a quick test .....

2 mins later he says i am below my minimum speed garuntee of 73meg, I had 67meg for over 2 years and plusnet said nothing

anyway next day i again had the same openreach guy knock on the door, i explained about having the speeds for years and was happy and said he will probably find nothing,, 2 hours later he phoned me and asked me restart the router as he fixed a "fault"

well im now back to 80/20 sync like i was on the first day of having FTTC (i am litterally 25 metres from the cabinet). I was very surprised at also seeing my snrm now sitting at 9db down and 15db up where they were both 6db

so well done to vodafone and i also got 8 pounds off the bill for a few months too

BT Infinity 2

70.26 Meg sync
BT Smart Hub (HH6)
Standard User mbames
(committed) Sun 04-Aug-19 10:45:58
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Re: Thanks vodafone!

[re: Ianph] [link to this post]
Think you got lucky there.

VF customer services (based on the rants on facebook) seem to be going downhill, especially since they seemed to move all the call centres out of the UK.

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(Gone but not forgotten: AP-700, 2820n x 2, 2800vg, 2800, HG612)

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