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Standard User e7max
(newbie) Sat 04-Apr-20 01:27:55
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Switch from EE - which router Vox3 or EE Smarthub

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Speeds seem to have throttled on my EE "free Broadband for life" ADSL2+ from 10Mbps to 6Mbps (this in the middle of Edinburgh, despite sync speed being >10Mbps). Fair enough, it didn't cost me anything. That said its still a very useable service for NowTV and video conferencing etc - maybe everyone else round here has switched to fibre so the contention is minimal. Anyway in this time of lockdown as I discovered I could get the Vodafone Superfast2 63Mbps for £20.95 per month including a phone line (for 18 months) which was less than I was paying BT for a phone line.... the attraction of the free for life broadband has diminished. So on Wed I should be connected to VF. My question is should I stick with my existing EE Smarthub router (like the BT one) or should I switch to the Vox 3, which seems good but very hard to actually find any specs on. I might like to extend the range with another router - is this possible with the Vox3, eg wireless connection to another router? I also have an old Netgear DGN2500 (or the EE smarthub maybe) I could use to extend it. If it is possible, any issues in doing this wirelessly? Any experiences welcome. Thanks!
Standard User Michael_Chare
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 04-Apr-20 11:15:23
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Re: Switch from EE - which router Vox3 or EE Smarthub

[re: e7max] [link to this post]
You can't configure the BT and Plusnet hubs to work with Vodafone VDSL because the last part of the connection userid is restricted. I don't know so much about EE

For Vodafone you would need to enter a userid in the format [email protected]

Apart from the above the router configuration for Vodafone is the same as for Plusnet and BT.

You might learn more from

Michael Chare
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