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Standard User VodaSuperslow2
(newbie) Thu 04-Mar-21 10:22:52
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Vodafone unilaterally cancelling upgrades

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Vodafone sent me an email offering "free broadband for one year" as an upgrade. Tempted by the offer I range the number to accept. The sheer luxury was that I got straight through to a human being and didn't even have to speak to their non-Turing compliant robot.

A few days later I received a text message saying my broadband order had been cancelled. Aware of the deficiencies in Vodafone's information systems I feared I would end up with no services at all. It has happened before.

This morning I rang the number in the message. No luck bypassing the robot this time and when I got to a human being it was very feint.

I was told my order had been cancelled and that the offer was no longer available but they had a new offer which was less attractive. I said that was not acceptable as they had repudiated the contract. She spoke to her manager and came back with, surprisingly, an acceptable remedy that they would credit me with a year's broadband.

She then transferred me to the upgrade department as I "still had to do the upgrade". All in all I was on the phone to them on an awful line for 67m 21s.

Does anyone else have experience of this? I continue to be amazed by how poor their customer service is.
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