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Standard User Highland76
(newbie) Sun 10-May-20 10:24:55
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Re: SPA122

[re: trolleybus] [link to this post]
My yay VOIP line is mainly used for incoming calls. Caller ID, voicemail etc all works fine and quite often I pick up the calls from my iphone through the yay app if I'm too lazy to go to the landline phone (corded).

Reason for transferring my number back to BT is simple: I will be paying for a BT voice service whether I use it or not as BT don't offer FTTP only packages like other CPs do. I'm currently paying £2.99/m with yay on a payg service (legacy package) so can save this each month by porting my number back to BT. I hardly make any outgoing calls so not bothered by BT's outgoing call costs, mainly receive incoming calls.

BT Business FTTP 330/50 -- Netgear RAX200

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