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Standard User Rich44
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 01-Feb-11 14:19:17
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CMS advice

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Hi all some help needed here.

I want to update the local website and move it over to a CMS system to make it easier to maintain in future but I also want to try and do something a little cleverer and want to make sure it's possible and going to work before starting on it.

We list local accomodation self catering and B&B, what i'd like to do is setup the menus so that you click on the category B&B or SC then it presents you with another menu this being the list of accomodation of that type so:

Hotel 1
Hotel 2
etc or

cottage 1
cottage 2

I don't think that bit will be too hard but what i'd like is each place to have it's own page and then give each venue their own login info for that page so that they can update their own information with special offers, availability etc without me having to make eveyr change for them.

I presume that is possible, i'm playing with Joomla at the moment so if anyone can let me know how to do this, what extensions I might need or make recommendations then that'd be a great help.


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Standard User Jaxx281
(member) Wed 04-May-11 09:50:01
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Re: CMS advice

[re: Rich44] [link to this post]
Hi Rich,

This is possible using Joomla, you could create menu items then have sub menus of them, so for instance:

-} BnB 1
-} BnB 2
-} BnB 3

Then you could create a member and give them access only to edit the article that is BnB 1 for instance, that way that member can only edit that one page and can add and remove data at their own will. Is that the kind of thing you mean?


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