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Standard User SamsonUK
(knowledge is power) Thu 29-Mar-12 11:46:07
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Subdomains on same host, differing page load speeds.

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I have a test site that is on a subdomain and live code that is on the www subdomain. Both hosted by the same company.

At this moment, the HTML/CSS/Javascript code is exactly the same on each site, but on the www site the document ready event is taking anything from a couple of seconds longer to fire than on the subdomain. Sometimes it can take 10's of seconds to fire. It seems to be the Javascript that's taking it's time loading, the bulk of the page loads and then sits there doing nothing for a few seconds, then finishes loading.

The same code is running on another host and that also runs fine as it does on the subdomain.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows why this would happen (I'm waiting for a reply from support), is it possible that the files are actually on 2 different servers at the host and this is what is causing the problem?
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