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Standard User JPL
(committed) Mon 06-Jun-16 16:33:42
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Intermittent Very Slow Response from Websites at 123-reg

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Is there any current, albeit intermittent, problem with 123-Reg/Webfusion shared hosting?

When opening a web page suffering from the problem, I find that, for example, font files from Google and jQuery from the jQuery CDN download at normal speeds, but files hosted at 123-reg download very slowly indeed, e.g. in one test (83kB) downloaded in 38ms (35kB) downloaded in 14,537ms

123-reg support admitted to no problem and suggested I clear the browser cache and try again. I'm glad this was not in a face-to-face discussion as I would be up on an assault charge now.

The problem is seen on:
- &, two websites I am responsible for
- itself (the support page took 96 seconds to load)
-, a pub website I find is also hosted at Webfusion

I have found no other website with significant performance problems during the period of this issue (yesterday and today).

Friends not on Sky broadband say there is no problem with, although they may just have tried it when the response was OK - it is an intermittent problem. Perhaps there is a problem with the link between 123-reg shared hosting and the Sky infrastructure? Or could one server be playing up - if you happen to get that server, there is a problem, otherwise not?

Any ideas what might be happening here and what I might do to get it fixed?

Standard User JPL
(committed) Tue 07-Jun-16 11:14:37
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Re: Intermittent Very Slow Response from Websites at 123-reg

[re: JPL] [link to this post]
123-reg support replied this morning "We have encountered a few connectivity issues with our hosting platform yesterday, however these issues have been fixed by our system engineers."

A bit disappointing, though, that it took 21 hours for 123-reg to provide an explanation for a hosting problem that had been ongoing since the previous day, and which they must have been aware of long before I logged my support call. The Service Status page had no mention of such a problem.

All seems OK this morning ... but then this was also the case from time to time yesterday while the problem was ongoing.

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