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Standard User dsch
(member) Sun 06-Dec-15 20:43:37
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Zen or IDNet?

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I am currently an IDNet ADSL customer with many years of very happy service. In fact they have been terrific. I am planning on placing a FTTC order in the next few days as my cabinet has once again become active. I am reluctant to even consider leaving IDNet, but I would welcome advice about choosing between Zen and IDNet. After adding the cost of international calls to the Zen package, the prices are very similar. The main difference would be a 500gb cap for IDNet against unlimited usage with Zen. I am ditching Sky, but have no idea what my usage profile might be. Is it a simple coin toss as I know they both have excellent reputations. If anyone would be prepared to shed light that might help influence my decision, I would be grateful.
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