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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 23-Apr-17 12:07:51
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Re: ISP with a modem mode option *DELETED*

[re: 23Prince] [link to this post]


We do not allow users to post advertisements or commercial solicitations on our forums. This includes touting one's own equipment for sale. Advertisers wishing to take advantage of our site are welcome to contact us for banner ads. However, we do not have a problem with users posting links to their web sites in signatures, or posts provided their posts are materially useful and are not simply seeking to promote their products (e.g. recommending themselves for every query). Generally we are less tolerant of posters who do have commercial signatures when it comes to what is and is not abuse. We are less strict on ISPs posting in their own forums. Note that the restriction on advertising includes linking to schemes where you receive a commission or benefit of some kind from a user signing up.

To add to that this includes pestering people in private message too, so given your public admission means a suspension is the only recourse

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Standard User Mitchy_mitch
(experienced) Sun 23-Apr-17 12:34:47
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Re: ISP with a modem mode option

[re: David_W] [link to this post]
I have the same setup with my 4G connection. I have that in a DMZ mode.

89.104.X.X (ISP Router) <-> <Ethernet cable> (ASUS)---->my LAN

I know of no other way of being able to use my asus rt-ac68u router.(except as an access point)
Although, i am interested in hearing if anyone has suggestions.

Although it works fine, and i had raspbx running on it for 18 months without many issues.
The issues i did have were mostly due to my raspbx config.

The only problem i do knowingly get is I am unable to run a vpn via the asus as it thinks my wan ip is


Huawei B2268H/B222s-42 connected to ASUS RT-AC68U

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