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Standard User kitcat
(experienced) Mon 31-Dec-18 17:27:45
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Re: Zen, BT, Cerberus .....

[re: Greyscout] [link to this post]

The same handset can be used with copper and the BT FVA ( VOIP) service. The is an ATA ( Analogue Telephony Adapter) in the box that you plug the phone into.

The difference in cost is because the phone service only costs a couple of quid a month! The majority of either Phone or BB cost is the infrastructure cost to get it to you! and this is the same for one / other or both. The exchange and core costs are not high as for VOIP it is only 64kb within a large Mb network plus a call control ( computer with routeing software) and for PSTN it is practically all depreciated so OFCOM allowed costs are small.

FVA VOIP service will only work whilst you have power ( including Battery Back-up) while PSTN Copper will work as long as the exchange has power (including Battery and standby generators) otherwise they are indistinguishable. Native VOIP service should be the same quality as FVA BUT can differ if there is congestion anywhere on the routeing. ( Depends on the VOIP priority on each and every route the call takes).
Standard User 23Prince
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 31-Dec-18 19:54:49
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Re: Zen, BT, Cerberus .....

[re: professor973] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by professor973:
With that attitude, he would qualify for a Plusnet advisor!

Haha! I was one for 5 years - and all I got was " I didn't check my bill for so many years - and i've paid too much so i DEMAND compensation!" I'm sorry but if someone did that where you worked - you would get cheesed off with it too.

I am surprised PN now do "yearly reviews" because they were dead against that from 2007-2012.. But still the onus is on the punter and not the company, IMHO & FWIW <--- check out my new internet fancy things.

Happy new year.

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Standard User broadband66
(knowledge is power) Wed 02-Jan-19 17:29:23
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Re: Zen, BT, Cerberus .....

[re: 23Prince] [link to this post]
"But still the onus is on the punter and not the company".

Not always true. Many "punters" have complained about being charged a high amount over a number of years and have got back some of their overcharged amount.

BT for one, some insurance companies and others as well.

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Standard User Mygri
(member) Wed 02-Jan-19 21:55:21
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Re: Zen, BT, Cerberus .....

[re: Greyscout] [link to this post]
My 2p worth...

BT - Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. They were my first 'line of attack' when OR woke up to the fact that FTTP infrastructure was already in place (since 3 years - DON'T ask). Placed an order and was given a number to ring to arrange installation which seems the wrong way round to me. Anyway, after the 3rd attempt and getting nowhere I cancelled the order as they were clearly a lost cause.

Cerberus - Absolutely painless! Have now had flawless service (fingers crossed) since June last year; basic 80/20 profile, actually getting around 75/25 which is more than enough for our present needs. A Kelly crew ran the fibre to the property and fitted the CSP at the location requested, and the OR technician subsequently installed the ONT and spliced in the fibre. All happened as originally arranged by Cerberus. £39/ month - well pleased!

Phone - l left the previous TT Business ADSL service in place until I was happy that the fibre service was working satisfactorily, then after reviewing the options went with Vonage for IP (VOIP) phone service. They ported the landline number from TTB (thereby terminating the TTB service) and we are continuing to use the former landline handsets. We've taken the 'Vonage for Home Premium' service with 'Unlimited UK Mobiles' option, £15/ month. Cheaper IP phone options are perfectly possible, but in our case the similarity with landline service is an important consideration as my wife, who is the main user, is somewhat technophobic.

All-in-all, I'm very satisfied with the current setup. Good luck with whchever providers you decide to go with.

Brexit not withstanding, Happy New Year to all!! smile smile

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