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Standard User benbird7
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 01-Apr-20 12:37:00
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Re: Quick setup and short contract?

[re: davidc01] [link to this post]
Just to note I am having issues with my broadband at the minute should be FTTC was getting 65/18 but now been gradually reducing.

I ordered one of these for £50 which should be delivered today/tomorrow and an omni directional aerial.

I have sim cards for Three/EE & Vodafone and I am going to try each one to see what speeds I can get on them and trial them out. I am going to keep it even if my landline gets fixed to use as a backup.


Ben Bird

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Standard User davidc01
(newbie) Wed 01-Apr-20 18:44:30
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Re: Quick setup and short contract?

[re: Ancient_Mariner] [link to this post]
4G router up and running. Difference is massive. Particularly today when ping times have gone to 1s - 2s. Seconds!!

Check out todays BQM - worst by a long way so far: : Ping test 4G vs Virgin (4G is the one on the mac, my PC behind is on Virgin. These pings are happening at the same time. The Mac is a wireless connection to the 4G router. The PC is gigabit wired to the Virgin router.) Should save me from having to commute to work, anyway!

Thanks for the suggestion, this has probably saved me from going into work. 4G not perfect, still get intermittent lag on RDP, but nothing like as bad as before. Its consistent & good, then suddenly freezes for a few seconds, then is good again. VS Virgin which was just consistently so slow as to be unusable.
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