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Standard User bw65587
(newbie) Mon 09-Nov-20 22:16:30
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Stick or twist?

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We're currently with Utility Warehouse receiving 30-40Mbps at the router and around 20Mbps via wi-fi throughout the house. Service is generally very good and customer service is excellent when you need it. However, as a family of four with lots of devices, gaming, smart TVs. Netflix, Amazon Prime and working from home etc., it can struggle at times.

I was thinking of going with Virgin Media as they recently cabled our neighbourhood but I'm worried about the reviews. I can get Gig1 but the Hub 4 seems to have issues I read so I was thinking of M350 or maybe even M500 with a Hub 3.

I was even thinking of going with one of the 30 day rolling contracts so I can get out of it quickly if it doesn't work as advertised even though I know I'll be spending more money over the 18 month contract option (especially with Black Friday offers!).

What would people suggest who know a lot more about VM and their quality of service than I do?

I was even thinking of putting a mesh network in now whilst still with UW to see if that improves our wi-fi somewhat and if not, it'll be ready for the VM install.


Many thanks!
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