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Standard User northy
(newbie) Wed 11-Nov-20 14:47:48
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Best ISP router for range and connectivity?

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i live in a pretty rural location about 1.5 miles from the cabinet, although we do get FTTC and about 16mbps.

I am currently with TT, and each 18/24mths i do the swap over to a new ISP...Plusnet, TT, BT, Vodafone etc, and thats now upon me again in a few weeks.

Currently with cashback vouchers the 3 cheapest are either to stay on TT with Fiber 35 @ £20.57, BT Fibre 1 @ £21.16 for 60pence more, or Voda superfast 1 @ £22 per mth.

The biggest factor in terms of speed is the paucity along the length of the copper wire to our house. So obviously this is independent to any of the ISPs. i live on a old mill house with old thick walls...using TP link homeplugs in some rooms and wifi in other eg to TV for iplayer in living room.

Q1. Do you think there is genuinely any difference in speed or connection reliability between these 3 ISPs in my situation?

Q2. Is the router for BT or Voda any better (especially in terms of range and no drop outs) compared to the current TT one that i already have?

Many thanks!
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