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Standard User camieabz
(legend) Tue 22-Mar-11 19:31:41
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Browser Benchmark Results

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Since the FF4 thread, I remembered that I did some benchmarks back in December '10 while trying to decide which browser to go for. The benchmarks didn't necessarily decide things, but proved to be slightly interesting anyway. I was going to do an article of sorts, but other things took my eye off the ball. Now they are almost 4 months old, so there's no point in making much of them.

Since the benchmarks I've optimised my system extensively, and while the benchmarks may or may not change due to this, I have to assume they would until I can prove otherwise. Results for other will probably vary.

The candidates:

IE9 Beta
Opera 10.63
Firefox 3.6.15
Chrome 9.0.597.98
Safari 5.0.3

The tests (red suggests the worst candidate in a test, while green shows the winner):

Test 1 - All candidates tested by the following benchmarks:

Sun Spider
v8 (Version 5)
v8 (Version 6)

Test 2 - All candidates have a series of identical tabs opened to evaluate memory usage.

Test 2.1 - Perfmon checked for ten identical tabs ( and reported memory usage and process count.

Test 3 - CPU usage was monitored on one of the BBC's slideshow webpages. I then tried a scrolling site, but have since forgotten what it was, then for fun I tried the Safari website because it has scrolling images.

Make of them what you will.


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Standard User XRaySpeX
(knowledge is power) Wed 23-Mar-11 17:24:56
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Re: Browser Benchmark Results

[re: camieabz] [link to this post]
I wish someone would do a benchmark on IE8. I'm sure it leaks memory; it gets fatter and slower as time goes by frown

I'm sure to go to IE9 once it has bedded down.

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