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Standard User Deadbeat
(knowledge is power) Wed 06-Apr-11 03:27:42
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Re: BSOD Errors (Blue Screen of Death)

[re: McGill_2010] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by McGill_2010:
Ok i am at my wits end with my computer at the minute, the errors are intermitant and you never know when they will happen. I have bought new RAM thinking it might be that, but no i still get them

Here are the errors that show up:

Can anyone help me pinpoint my problem?


It would be helpful if we could see the actual and exact BSOD error code along with when it occurred and what if anything was going at the time.
"Automatic Reboot On Fatal Error" or whatever it's called will need to be disabled to allow you to see the BSOD and the exact error code should be carefully noted and then posted here.

In the meantime, install the correct LAN driver and WLAN driver if it exists, turn off "Boot from LAN" or "PXE Boot" or whatever it's called feature in the BIOS and check that all cards, cables and memry modules etc are correctly seated.
If you've changed any BIOS settings even beore these faults appeared, set the BIOS to load it's optimal defaults and change nothing but the boot order perhaps.
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