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Standard User slippyjim
(experienced) Wed 23-Nov-11 13:16:17
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Windows 7 & Yahoo Mail in Outlook & Live Mail

[link to this post]

I recently upgraded a client from an old PC running Windows XP with Outlook Express and Yahoo mail to a new tower with Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail. He is still on dial up!!
At first everythign was fine then about a month ago he would click send/rec and it would say it was downloading 12 messages or so but takes ages. this turned out to be some large emails with attachments so Ilogged into yahoo mail with IE and deleted them then everything seemed fine. About a week later it starts doing similar things again, but this time he has logged into Yahoo mail and there are no emails in the inbox waiting to download. So I upgrade him to Outlook 2k7 and again it seems OK for a week or so but now it is back to the same old problem of trying to download imaginary emails that are not there if you log in to Yahoo via IE.

He never had any problems like this with XP and OE.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 23-Nov-11 23:51:42
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Re: Windows 7 & Yahoo Mail in Outlook & Live Mail

[re: slippyjim] [link to this post]
No, but a suggestion on how to find out, if he is using POP3 or at least the Yahoo a/c is POP3'able.

TELNET to Yahoo's POP3 server on port 110, then:
USER {User's a.c name}
PASS ************
This will list the # of msgs waiting on server and their sizes.

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