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Standard User GeoffB
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 16-Mar-12 19:39:40
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Windows Backup question

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I back up files and image every week using Windows Backup (Win7x64) to a WD 500GB external disc. I can see the backed-up files if I click 'Restore files' in the Backup Center on the original computer. I wanted to extract one of the data files to another computer but can't find a way to see them. I have a feeling that Windows Backup will only recognise the original computer and backup to that one; or is there a way of extracting the data files to another? I can see why that would have to happen with the image, but surely not the data files! Of course, I've copied the file to a USB stick and done it that way but I'm just curious about the original issue.

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Standard User Pipexer
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 16-Mar-12 19:47:09
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Re: Windows Backup question

[re: GeoffB] [link to this post]
You should be able to crack open the Windows Backup file and retrieve the files, iirc. They are either VHD or Zip , both which can be mounted or opened with Windows.

Windows backup could be described as a bit delicate though, so be careful before you do things like this to ensure that in a disaster event, your backup data is sound.

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