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Standard User Littleseen
(regular) Tue 08-May-12 10:43:49
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Picture size in e-mail displays

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According to a help column in a magazine it is possible for the sender to change the picture size that is automatically displayed amongst the text of an incoming e-mail? Maybe because I use XP & Outlook Express the columnist's method does not work?

Yes, the attachment can be opened and displayed nicely. But without opening it?

I am not referring to the MB or KB size of the attached picture, of course that can be reduced. I am referring to an attached picture that is of normal enough size (perhaps 160KB as this prints well on A4 and displays well without being pixelly and is not hard-drive storage hungry).

So if the attachment can be forced into a display that does not require the recipient to scroll up&down and sideways, that would be good. Apparently it can be done. I cannot discover how.

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Standard User philippercival
(experienced) Tue 08-May-12 16:10:06
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Re: Picture size in e-mail displays

[re: Littleseen] [link to this post]
When you insert a picture in outlook express into the body of a message, (by clicking on the insert picture icon on the toolbar), it brings in the picture at full original size.

If you click on the picture after inserting it, then 8 handles appear on the corners and sides of the picture.

Point at the bottom right corner handle and drag back towards the top left and it will make the visible size but not the file size smaller.

Two problems with this were, I had to repeat it several time to get a small looking picture. It is very easy to change the proportions of the picture by mistake, unlike in a lot of programmes.

Alternatively if after inserting the picture you change to source view you will see a line like

<IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="J:\digital\cannon_pics\2005_06_09\IMG_0003.JPG" align=baseline border=0>

add in something like height="400" width="600" before the closing angled braket so thye line reads

<IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="J:\digital\cannon_pics\2005_06_09\IMG_0003.JPG" align=baseline border=0 height="400" width="600">

NB the full sized original picture is still sent though.
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