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Standard User slippyjim
(experienced) Sun 30-Dec-12 16:47:43
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Bluetooth not working

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I am having problems with Bluetooth on a new system I've built. Windows 7 SP1 Home Prem x64, everything else is working absolutely fine but Bluetooth doesn’t seem to be installing drivers properly.

At the moment it is using a Belkin F8T016 USB Bluetooth, first of all it was a Conceptronic USB Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth devices I am trying to connect are
an oldish Samsung mobile
Plantronics backbeat 903 headphones
E Blue BT501 headphones
Unknown make headset with microphone

Firstly after a bit of playing around I managed to get my mobile to work then it stopped working and everytime I went into Devices and Printers there was a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it. A quick look in device manage revealed 8 exclamation marks labelled Bluetooth peripheral device, 1 for the phone and headset each and 3 each for the two headphones.

The mobile pairs successfully to the computer but refuses to send or receive any files.
I managed to get the mobile to work after downloading some Bluetooth software from the microsoft site (cant remember exact name now, was for Vista but works ok with 7) and then manually installing the driver through device manager.

I tried this method with the other devices, it accepted the driver OK but they did not work.
The Bluetooth devices are working ok as they work fine on my laptop.

Any ideas before I do a complete reinstall?

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