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Standard User smiffy12
(experienced) Thu 15-May-14 14:53:59
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VPN or Proxy Or Something?

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Friends of ours have a family friend coming over from the far east to stay with them for four months. It would be nice if they could watch their native TV. I've been asked about how best to achieve this as they will be outwith their country of residence and with a british IP.

I'm wondering what the best way is to spoof an IP for a different country so they can keep watching TV from their country (Philipines). Can anyone offer any advice. I've downloaded and tried one (HMA) but it seems to be too slow to allow streaming.

ANy help would be much appreciated, Thanks
Standard User ian72
(knowledge is power) Thu 15-May-14 15:33:55
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Re: VPN or Proxy Or Something?

[re: smiffy12] [link to this post]
You probably are looking at a VPN but be aware that the terms of use for the service probably do not allow for it to be accessed outside of the country of origin (they would need to check). If they still want to do it then they would need to find a VPN that terminates in the Phillipines (not sure how many their will be as I am guessing it isn't the most obvious place to require this sort of facility).

Might also find the Phillipines infrastructure may not be up to doing it.
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