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Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 24-Dec-15 00:09:18
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XP Can't Access Networked Printer on Win 10

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I have an oldish HP Deskjet 895Cxi parallel printer that used to be networked from XP. Now moved it to my Win 10 desktop, connected by a parallel to USB cable. and network shared it. Works fine locally on Win 10, so cable can't be a problem.

When I try to Add Printer on XP, I see the printer, attached to Win10, in the list of printers seen in the network, and it asks me to authenticate. When I gave my creds, which are the same on both PCs, it fails saying they conflict with some existing creds & can't be replaced.

  1. The printer was successfully added to & shared by a Win 8.1 laptop w/out asking for any creds.
  2. When the printer was on the XP PC it was also successfully added to & shared by the Win 8.1 laptop.
Any ideas welcome?

Drivers can't be a problem as printer is old enough to have appropriate drivers for XP and, in fact, printer has run OK on all 3 PCs in 1 way or another; just not from Win 10 to XP.

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