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Standard User zyborg47
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 04-May-16 11:05:37
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Re: Staying with Win7 (GRC Never Win10)

[re: philippercival] [link to this post]
Windows 7 is supported for another 4 years, I know plenty of people who is staying with windows 7, they have no intention of moving to Windows 10. Even some people like myself who are using Windows 8.1 that have no intention of moving and others who have moved to 10 and now wants to go back to 8.1. Once you get rid of the start screen, replace it with a start menu, then get rid of the silly side bars and the modern apps on 8.1 it really is not a bad OS, the UI is a bit bland that is the only problem, windows ten is worse.

I have been thinking of getting a new laptop, I think about it and then think why do I need one, I have one downstairs that i use once in a blue moon and have Linux on it, it is a bit slow as it is only a celeron, but I do think the CPU from my old Laptop that went pop on me last years is compatible and that is a dual core Intel something or other, so I may just try and stick that in and see if it works.

I have had a look at laptops, but I am fussy, I want a AMD A10 based machine with Windows 7 or 8.1 on, I do not want windows 10 installed on it. i have had a look, found some but then not sure about spending the money.,

I am not a fan of HP printers, I have seen far too many problems with them in the past and the price of ink is way over the top. I use Cannon printers, in fact I been thinking about getting a laser and looking at Canon for that. But HP scanners are great, i have a Scanjet 7650 and while it was expensive, not that I paid full price for it, it have been a good workhorse.
I do think about getting a all in one Canon, but to be honest I am happy with my set up. The only advantages about a all in one is they take less space and you can normally copy documents without the computer.

You are right a lot are throw away now, but that is the same for a lot of things, if your TV went wrong would you get it fixed? My TV cost £600 7 years back, if it went wrong I would have to think about if it was worth fixing, even if I do think that it is better than most TV sets on the market. It is a plasma, but I could pick up a decent set these days for about £300.

Well according to Microsoft, Windows 10 is the last one it will just be updated, not sure how true that is, but then we do not know what the future holds in hardware technology and what they will come up with that Windows 10 will not run on, I mean CPU wise.
Saying that I think by that time I will not be worrying about it.
It is annoying when you buy a bit of hardware and find that it will not work with the next version of the OS. i have a sound card, which works with 10, but MS do not like the drivers and Windows 10 replace them and then the card don't work and there is not way to stop that happening, another reason why I will not use ten.


Desktop machine now powered by windows 8.1 pro 64bit, no dreaded metro, laptop by Linux

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