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Standard User RogerE
(committed) Sun 29-Oct-17 11:01:23
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Video Downloader

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We live in a very slow BB area where streaming isn't an option, and we can't get satellite, because of terrain, and freeview is restricted to the very basic channels.

We have been using DownThemAll on Chrome to download, and then watch, full rugby matches from the Premiership Rugby site (otherwise it takes nearly 7 hours to "watch" a full match on BB, with all the buffering).

Now Chrome is blocking DtA so can't watch matches any more. Have tried various other download managers, but none seem able to find the match videos.

We used the Chrome DtA addon because the Firefox one of a similar name doesn't find the videos.

Can anyone suggest programs/browser add-ons that are able to download such protected videos?
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