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Standard User bobrey
(learned) Thu 06-Dec-18 09:34:00
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Display "Out of Range" error message

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I was trying to optimise my display settings and apparently went beyond my monitor's capabilities. Although I did not save the last setting my screen is now locked with only an error message in middle of black screen. Right clicking mouse etc doesn't get me back . Is there anyway to reset display settings at start up? The start up bios function doesn't show any obvious way to set display parameters.
Any help appreciated
Standard User TinyMongomery
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 06-Dec-18 09:50:56
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Re: Display "Out of Range" error message

[re: bobrey] [link to this post]
You need to get to the Windows troubleshooting menu. how you do this depends upon which version of Windows you are running. This article tells you how to do it in Windows 10 and how to select low resolution mode, which should work with any monitor.

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