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Standard User wirelesspacman
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 28-Dec-11 11:51:35
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Happy Christmas fellow WISPs!

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Noticed it has gone very quite on this forum once again, so thought I would wish season's greetings to all my fellow wisps out there!



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Standard User smurf46
(member) Thu 29-Dec-11 16:46:50
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Re: Happy Christmas fellow WISPs!

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And I hope on behalf of many satisfied customers, I wish all the unsung heroes of WISPs a Happy New Year. BT and its elves may take all the publicity, but the simplicity and reliability of the air as a transmission medium, which first attracted me to fixed wireless, hasn't disappointed over the years.

We might not get the gross highs or the pathethic lows that landline broadband achieves, but neither do we have to worry about "what sort" of DSL nor our cables (above or below ground), joints, D- and E- sides, DSLAMS and all the other paraphenalia that perplex much of these forums. And as for complex multi-layered broadband delivery contracts. Simples. But of course that never suited the politicians or the regulators!

Well done WISPs despite the obstacles the government and its cronies are determined to put in your way. The ones that matter appreciate it.

We see things not as they are, but as we are .
- Anais Nin

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Standard User smurf46
(member) Thu 29-Dec-11 16:50:50
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Re: Happy Christmas fellow WISPs! *DELETED*

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Post deleted by smurf46

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Standard User kijoma
(committed) Sat 31-Dec-11 10:27:10
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Re: Happy Christmas fellow WISPs!

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Hi Peter and All,

I echo Smurfs sentiments, lets hope in 2012 the BDUK drive to resolve broadband doesn't end up a one horse race. Already many of the large players in the industry have pulled out due to the BT cost Boa constriction on access to their infrastructure.

Local and National Government like to promote a competitive industry view, so far all they have done is reduce genuine competition and revert the country back to a "national grid" structure where people have no real choice regardless of which provider they use as they all rely on a single infrastructure provider.

WiSPs (Wireless providers) are genuine competitive companies, not reliant on age old infrastructure. Many other countries have embraced this and are above the UK in the Broadband leagues.

Lets hope in 2012 all parts of the industry are considered and supported equally on their merits and we can prevent another decade of a state driven Broadband "North Korea" smile

Bill Lewis - MD
Kijoma Broadband - (Division of Kijoma Solutions Ltd)
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