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Standard User mccltd
(newbie) Wed 04-Jan-12 10:04:30
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Vfast communication ( Referals )

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Hi we used to act as a refering company for telebria years ago.
Currently we are in the process of refitting a new Computer Shop and are looking for another Wireless company to use as referals to our customers who cant get broadband of a descent speed.
I have tried filling in the contact us form on Vfast a couple of times now over a year and so far received no response.
Can you please let me know your views on the company as we dont like to refer our custmers to companies that have communication problems.
Standard User vfast_tim
(newbie) Wed 04-Jan-12 10:59:45
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Re: Vfast communication ( Referals )

[re: mccltd] [link to this post]
Hi Dave

Apologies that you have not received a reply before. I'm sure I or someone else will be able to give you a formal reply through out ticketing system.

We only offer referrals for business connections, not residential.

Kind Regards,

Tim Higgs
Vfast internet | Technical Support
0845 121 1257 - support (at)
(Unregistered)Fri 06-Jan-12 07:39:30
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Re: Vfast communication ( Referals )

[re: vfast_tim] [link to this post]
Thank you for your reply.
Just to let you know I still Haven't received a response from my ticket raised.

I'm surprised you don't offer referrals for residential customers as there are many out there with unhappy speeds who will not have heard of you or the wireless technology.
Telebria gave me a free installation, I still paid the monthly fee and with this I pushed their service's by advertising them in my shop and giving out a leaflet with every computer sold.
They helped me I helped them.
Its the way of the world nowadays.

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