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(Unregistered)Sat 28-Apr-12 19:39:00
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Broadband Internet Service (Need Information)

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I am interested in starting a local broadband service in my area. I was hoping that some here would know a little about the industry to help me get started. I have a little knowledge on how to set networks up because of my job and I own a web hosting company so I know my way around a server. My question is about gaining access to towers and getting started.

How do I gain access to towers? Who do I call? What are the costs associated with this business?

My financials are in good shape and I have an investment partner to get me started. I basically want any bit of information I can get and would love any criticism I can get on the business.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Standard User Zarjaz
(knowledge is power) Sat 28-Apr-12 23:03:32
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Re: Broadband Internet Service (Need Information)

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..... and what and how will you provide service to these 'towers', how will provide your backhaul service ? How much bandwidth will you require. Is there competition from traditional broadband providers, what will you do to be different, and why would any one choose your service over a rivals ..........

So many questions, from your first post, it would seem as though you haven't looked into this at all ?

Standard User anglianbroadband
(newbie) Sun 06-May-12 13:22:14
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Re: Broadband Internet Service (Need Information)

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
Excellent idea, go for it. If you host your own webservers then maybe you have some spare capacity at your place that you could share with your subscribers so you don't incur too much start up cost.

First keep your eyes pealed. With line of sight you can get a good signal 10km with inexpensive Ubiquiti or Mikrotik gear. You need to use 5GHz band, thats 802.11a or an gear. When you think you have found a suitably high object to attach your antennas, ask the locals who owns it. If it is run by a big company then move on. If it's a local farmer or builder or someone then offer them free high speed Internet in return for free rent and electric.

You can use free tools such as 'hey whats that path profile" and "Radiomobile" to plan your links. Then you drive out there with a compass and binoculars and have a look for yourself. If you can see the thing, no matter how far away, then it will work. If you can't see it then you don't know it won't work so you would have to test it with the actual equipment. Other tools you need are the not-spot map and the samknows ADSL coverage map to find the places that need service.

You are going to get good at heights so get brave and get a power balance bracelet which will make you more secure and have no vertigo. Remember the pirate radio people would climb up these things at night in trainers and no harness so don't think you can't do it, know that you can but you will be scared out of your wits but still do it.

It really is vital that you don't over analyses this. Nike have a slogan you should stick to, Just Do It.

Connecting you to 2meg or more in rural Essex

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