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Standard User johnwesleybarker
(newbie) Mon 09-Jun-14 21:28:25
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Wessex Internet - 30+ Mb/s up and down.

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Bringing to your attention the very splendid Wessex Internet which offers Superfast internet here in rural North Dorst and Wiltshire.

The Broadband finder map does not show them, it should. The coverage is on their Availability Map

I'm a happy customer.

Standard User Theqls
(newbie) Mon 09-Jan-17 17:52:27
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Re: Wessex Internet - 30+ Mb/s up and down.

[re: johnwesleybarker] [link to this post]
I signed up with Wessex Internet in July 2015, and continue to be very happy with their service to West Dorset. The service which I pay for (30Mb/s) gives me more than ten times the maximum bandwidth that BT could provide over ADSL, and the engineering test on installation showed that I could more than double that speed if I wished. I got rid of the BT landline; the Vonage service is much cheaper and more capable, and calls come to my mobile if the broadband connection drops. Reliability is excellent; only one outage in 6 months, caused by a lighting strike.

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