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Standard User mrvanx
(committed) Sat 20-Jun-15 14:02:44
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Re: Question for any experts (dB levels etc...)

[re: gah789] [link to this post]
The WISP contact (Barry at MoorsWeb) is REALLY helpful and good at getting in contact. Ultimately on those numbers he was fairly sure a useable speed would be achievable (in the 8-9mbit range) which is a good start. He is coming to the property some time in the week to see about how the antenna will be mounted where we got the signal, regarding fresnel zones etc... the biggest headache is the houses across the street....I get the feeling they will be a problem by the sounds of it crazy

Ultimately we will get what we get and I am resigned to that fact now. The Speeds BT estimate on the postcode checker are around 2-5mbit so any faster then I'm happy.

Ive already sent some emails to SFNY regarding the village and I intend to try and get some dialogue moving in the village about a WISP setting up coverage, whether it be MoorsWeb, LN Comms or someone else. smile

Stuck in a not-spot looking for solutions! smile
Standard User mrvanx
(committed) Thu 30-Jul-15 13:06:36
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Installed, REALLY pleased

[re: mrvanx] [link to this post]
Hi All,

Just thought I would update you rather than leaving the thread hanging.

We had the broadband installed today with moorsweb. Barry from moorsweb and another guy surveyed the property FAR more thoroughly than LNC did, with the result that the incoming signal was found to be good enough for a 12MBit down and 7Mbit up connection. The signal is coming from Fadmoor which is easily 5km away line of sight to that another impressive figure.

It is installed now and is working a treat.

Im really pleased with the progress of this and (sorry any BT people here) happy to away from BT who could only provide a speed around 40% of that from copper for alot more cash-wise.

Cheers all! smile

Stuck in a not-spot looking for solutions! smile
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