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ISP Representative Azzaka
(isp) Tue 05-Apr-11 09:55:06
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Broadband (xDSL) - Advisory: BT WBMC London

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Following maintenance by one of our suppliers, we have noticed issues with subscriber levels that will impact traffic throughput during our peak usage hours. To help mitigate this risk we are going to load balance subscribers across our hostlinks.

Subscribers connecting to a London 21CN node may notice a brief disruption to their service.

Once the maintenance is complete, any customers who are unable to regain connection should power down their router/modem before attempting to reconnect.

Kindest Regards,

Leo Goile
ZeN Internet
Technical Support
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Standard User tri_hard
(newbie) Tue 05-Apr-11 22:05:02
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Re: Broadband (xDSL) - Advisory: BT WBMC London

[re: Azzaka] [link to this post]
Would this create problems with the DNS servers ?

I am getting real problems with DNS translations and the System Log shows" IPMonitor: ignoring bad DNS server address '' ?

I am off the Fleet, Hampshire exchange and only seem to be having the problem late evenings (last two hour or so) over the last two or three days.

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