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Standard User iand
(experienced) Sat 14-May-11 18:12:49
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Re: Constant DNS Errors!

[re: garyc] [link to this post]
As the others have said "Interface: Down" means the ADSL link from your router to the internet is off line and not working. The DNS message you are seeing is just the first error message your see and is not actually the overall problem.

Looks like your ADSL line is running ok
Looks like your ADSL line is running ok
Looks like your ADSL line is running ok
Looks like your adsl line fails
Your pc sees this as the DNS error
The correction bit is to reset your router and nothing else.

As to how to fix this... I would

1) Check all devices (phone, sky box, etc) are connected using a microfilter
2) replace the adsl filter / cable between the router and the BT socket
3) Try another router
4) Report a fault with your ISP

in that order.

best of luck..

Standard User garyc
(member) Sun 15-May-11 09:32:35
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Re: Constant DNS Errors!

[re: IamQ] [link to this post]
Hi, thanks for the help. I have posted my router line stats below.
I have already tested the router at the main BT socket. I took off the face plate and connected directly to the internal test socket and then to my laptop and there is no problem. I have replaced one of the adsl filters as I had one spare, but need to get another to replace the one on the Sky box and to rule that out from being faulty.

I have a cordless set of three phones, a usb fax, a truecall unit and a sky box connected to two separate phone sockets, both via adsl filters. I have two computers hard wired to the router and my blu ray player is also connected to the router.
Since the problem started on Friday morning, the intermittent connection continued on and off every few minutes until Saturday morning, when suddenly it resolved by itself and the connection has been up since then!

The exact same problem occurred almost exactly a month ago, lasted for about 24 hours and then resolved itself ....... all very strange!

--- System Information ---
Vendor: Linksys
ModelName: WAG160N
Firmware Version: A1.00.16 , 2009-11-25T17:03:12
GUI Version: A1.00.16_007
Boot Version: 1.0.37-5.4
Hardware Version: 0.01

--- DSL Information ---
DSL Driver Version: AnnexA version - A2pB022g.d20e
DSL Status: ShowtimeRetrain Reason: 8000
DSL Mode: ADSL2+
DSL Channel: FAST
DSL Upstream Rate: 888 Kbps
DSL Downstream Rate: 16111 Kbps

Down up
DSL Noise Margin: 9.4 dB 13.3 dB
DSL Attenuation: 21.0 dB 9.9 dB
DSL Transmit Power: 0.0 dBm 11.9 dBm

--- Wireless Information ---
Wireless Driver Version:
Wireless Tools Version: 28
Wireless Status: Enabled
Wireless Wide Channel: 9
Wireless Standard Channel: 11- 2.462GHZ
Wireless SSID: Shadow

--- Dynamic Information ---
LAN Mac Address: 00:1D:7E:B7:DE:BE
WAN Mac Address: 00:1D:7E:B7:DE:C0
Wireless Mac Address: 00:1D:7E:B7:DE:BF


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