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Standard User nrms
(member) Sat 23-Apr-16 11:36:10
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Line Rental

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Having just switched to Unlimited Fibre 2 with Line Rental voice charges (we used to have Zen Home Talk), I was surprised to be charged 16p per call as a "setup" charge before even talking for 1 second.

I presume that charge is made even if the number being called is engaged?

On the website it says:

"Line Rental and Line Rental Plus are our phone line and calls services with per second billing, low call rates and no minimum call charges. "

Well actually - isn't the 16p per call a minimum call charge?

These costs make a 1 min call = 27 pence, which is similar to what it used to cost on a mobile phone!!

Guess we wont be making as many voice calls in the future.....

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Standard User sor
(regular) Sat 23-Apr-16 17:32:46
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Re: Line Rental

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Zen do publicise a "call setup fee" on their call charges page, and it does seem strange that they don't consider that to be a "minimum call charge".

When Zen announced all this a few months ago everyone was angry about it then.

Like you I don't make many calls on the landline for this reason. I use VoIP (and not Zen's offering) or mobile
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