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Standard User trolleybus
(experienced) Sat 04-Feb-17 22:03:50
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Very poor Internet service from Zen

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My company's broadband service comes from a cabinet which is deemed uneconomical to upgrade to FTTC so for the foreseeable,and beyond, we are stuck with a ADSL service. When installed in November 2013 a TB speed test showed 17.9 mbps down and 1.1 mbps up. However a good up speed is essential for us but we tolerated the best that could be provided as there was realistic alternative that was affordable.

However three years later, the download speed has deteriorated to 14 mbps with the up speed, on a good day, being 0.3 mbps and often dropping to zero. With have complained bitterly to Zen about this but they say there is nothing that can be done to improve the service and yet thy have not despatch an engineer to our premises to check that is indeed the case.

Mention anything that an end user can do has been done, such as changing the filter, the router and even installing a new exchange line , all has made no difference. The Hampshire Broadband team can offer no solutions either and getting a leased line installed will cost us around £50,000. It is not as if our premises is in a rural location either as gallingly we are only about a mile and half from Alton exchange.

We desperately need a half decent broadband service as we are obliged to use a number of Government web sites and for just in time deliveries from our suppliers. Having considered the matter carefully, we shall shortly move over to a 4 pair bonded service but that will see our broadband monthly cost quadruple to a £170 a month for an uncontended symmetrical 10 mbps service. That will just about be acceptable, I hope.

For a normal service the availability checker reports the following:
Telephone Number 01420***** on Exchange ALTON is served by Cabinet 31
WBC ADSL 2+ Up to 14.5 -- 9.5 to 17.5 Available -- -- -- --
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex M Up to 14.5 Up to 1 9.5 to 17.5 Available -- -- -- --

Brought into use during the last few days is Draytek 2860Vac from which the following DSL statistics are obtained. Can anyone see anything that would suggest the copper pair is suboptimal for a broadband service.

ATU-R Information

Type: ADSL2/2+
Hardware: Annex A
Firmware: 05-07-02-08-00-01
Power Mngt Mode: DSL_G997_PMS_L0
Line State: SHOWTIME
Running Mode: ADSL2+ Annex A
Vendor ID: b5004946 544e0000

ATU-C Information

Vendor ID: b5004946 544e71c8 [IFTN]

Line Statistics
Downstream Upstream
Actual Rate 18697 Kbps 1091 Kbps
Attainable Rate 18868 Kbps 1084 Kbps
Path Mode Interleave Interleave
Interleave Depth 320 4
Actual PSD 20. 1 dB 9. 9 dB

Near End Far End
Trellis ON ON
Bitswap OFF ON
ReTx 0 0
SNR Margin 5 dB 6 dB
Attenuation 27 dB 13 dB
CRC 2921 0
FECS 1332183 s 0 s
ES 2177 s 0 s
SES 0 s 0 s
LOSS 0 s 0 s
UAS 0 s 0 s
HEC Errors 0 0
RS Corrections 0 0
LOS Failure 0 0
LOF Failure 0 0
LPR Failure 0 0
NCD Failure 0 0
LCD Failure 0 0
NFEC 208 51
RFEC 4 4
LYSMB 280 5074

Thank you for getting to the end of this posting!

Any responses will be gratefully be received.
David Bradley
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 05-Feb-17 13:57:50
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Re: Very poor Internet service from Zen

[re: trolleybus] [link to this post]
Based on the attenuation line is syncing as expected and should be capable of producing speed tests in the

17 to 17.5 Mbps download and 0.7 to 0.8 Mbps upload

So no real sign that the ADSL is at fault, or the line, does the speed test results vary over the various times of day?

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