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Standard User TygerTyger2010
(regular) Mon 19-Aug-19 15:40:19
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New Zen contract. New router. Problems solved. I'm stupid.

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My 2 year big deal contract ran out. I got a new 1 year contract. I was paying £39.50 for UL1, line, and £6.50 for unlimited landline calls. So it works out £1 cheaper per month.

I got a new Fritzbox 7530 delivered on friday. Previously I was using a Fritzbox 3490 as my LAN router and My old Technicolor TG589vn as my modem. Simply because it had a Broadcom chipset as does my Huwei Cabinet. My line generally syncs at 39999 down 7393 up or thereabouts. The upstream sync has always been lower. I'm 600m from my cab.

I had the TG589vn in use for years as my modem router. Always had single thread issues with Zen(12-18Mbs single thread), and in the last few months the line would drop if you maxed out a download. I used netlimiter and found about 25Mbs was about the optimum stable setting to use in netlimiter.

When I started to use the new 7530 on Saturday and I still initially used it with the 589vn as the modem. Swapped them over today.

No dropout .. and the multithread performance well:

::kicking myself:: It was the Technicolor that was the problem, not my line.

ZeN Unlimited Fibre 1

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Standard User ToneDeaf
(member) Sun 22-Sep-19 12:02:28
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Re: New Zen contract. New router. Problems solved. I'm stupi

[re: TygerTyger2010] [link to this post]
I ended up reconnecting my Zyxel SBG3300 to the line as it can achieve around 5Mbps higher sync and throughput than both the Fritzbox 3490 & 7530.

Shame as the 7530 is a neat design with AC WiFi in the 1 box.

I have been using the 7530 as an additional access point in the lounge to benefit from the 5GHz WiFi, however my home doesn't need 2 APs for coverage.

PS ECI Infineon chipset at the BT cabinet.

Zen Unlimited Fibre 1 - 30/6

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