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Standard User sergiup
(learned) Thu 23-Jul-20 13:04:17
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Zen G.Fast minimum term - changed?

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I placed an order for a G.Fast (Fibre 3) regrade, with a £55 activation charge, and was fairly sure the minimum term was 12 months.
The email confirmation says this as well, "Minimum Contract Period: 12"
All's well with the product, the speeds are fine, etc, all as usual with Zen smile

However, the online portal says I'm on a 18 month contract (and the activation charge has since decreased to £29.99, but hey, things happen). The current website lists 18 months for G.Fast products too.

Can anyone remember for sure if the contracts were 12 months or 18 months 1-2 months ago, or if they may have changed recently to 18 months? It's not going to make much of a difference to me, it's more curiosity than anything else now.

Thank you!
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Fri 24-Jul-20 11:20:26
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Re: Zen G.Fast minimum term - changed?

[re: sergiup] [link to this post]
Pick a date. smile

I think you may need to enter the exact page url on the highlighted dates to see if it comes up.

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Standard User Corona
(member) Sun 26-Jul-20 23:18:06
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Re: Zen G.Fast minimum term - changed?

[re: sergiup] [link to this post]
Do not be too deterred by the Zen 18 month contract requirement.

I considered signing up with Zen (again - used happily before on more than one occasion in different cities variously for ADSL and VDSL FFTC) for G.Fast and was informed of the 18 month contract with the proviso that were one to move, as long as one continued with Zen, there would be no new connection charge or the need to pay off contract in original residence. By this stage I had run into some trouble after leaving BT Broadband (G.Fast) due to poor customer service and speed falling off after the first couple of months (my fault for signing up with them, I know..) and deciding to trial a G.Fast provider that offered a rolling monthly contract.

In the end my business was politely declined after I declared current saga involving my line*.

Andrews & Arnold now doggedly on the case and scheduled to be back online in early August but whilst they have, in comparison, a 12 month contract, were I to move I would be liable for the cost of remainder of the contract year regardless of whether I undertook to use them as my provider again in new home.

(*Having completed an 18 month G.Fast contract with BT and signing up with a provider that did not insist on a minimum term longer than a month, appeared to have entered an Openreach twilight zone where Openreach not prepared to progress transfers line speed said to now have dipped under 100 Mbps. This although technician did leave an Openreach modem and after BT hub stopped working, with new supplier PPoE login details, line did work for a while (modem and my own router). Further complicating was that line transferred to TT as new supplier used them (TTB backhaul). New supplier threw in the towel after being fobbed off by Openreach despite escalating. They were most gracious though and sent a 4G router to tide me over whilst finding an alternate provider. Zen somewhat leery hearing sorry tale).

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