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Standard User TygerTyger2010
(regular) Sun 21-Mar-21 09:34:19
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Trying to access my old Fritzbox 3490 router

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I use a Fritzbox 7530 Modem Router with zen. I have for almost 2 years now.

I took my old Fritzbox 3490 router out of a cupboard. I'm trying to access it, the Fritzbox 3490 router, to factory reset it as I've forgotten the password.

I attach it to my laptop and enter the address. It won't respond.

The device is there. No ping No tracert.

I went through this:

procedure by procedure..... eventually downloading the Recovery Tool from AVM the manufacturer. This should "brute force" it back to factory defaults...

However I get: "Note: the device contains basic settings adapted for your Internet Service provider (zen_3490_20170_0330). Recovery could make the device inoperable on the zen_3490_20170_033 Network. Please contact you internet service provider instead. Aborting recovery" ..................GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


I Want to sell it on ebay. Although presetup for Zen It can be manually configured for any ADSL/VDSL2 connection, as can my current 7530 Router...... Any Ideas apart from a hammer ???? smile

ZeN Unlimited Fibre 2

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