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Standard User j0hn83
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 07-Aug-20 00:23:14
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How not to run a BQM

[link to this post]
Just sharing my experience, someone might make a similar mistake and come across this post.

I've been running a BQM for years without any issues, mainly using my trusty Asus RT-AC68U.

A little over a month ago my BQM started showing large red blocks that look like downtime, at seemingly random times and for random durations.
It was also showing packet loss that I wasn't experiencing and a repetitive high spike of yellow that wasn't there before (bearing in mind I'm with Virgin so BQM never looks pretty even when working correctly).

It looked like this...

Random day 1 and Random day 2

It didn't look like it could be my router giving up, I would have expected it to be more intermittent and not on/off for hours at a time.

I wondered if Virgin was blocking the pings from TBB, nope.
Tried a 2nd router and the BQM worked perfect.

I factory reset the Asus router and it seemed to fix things but a couple days later it started with the red blocks again.

I finally figured out what it was...

It turns out my son added his PS4 as a DMZ on the router rather than configuring Port Forwarding properly.
He was Googling NAT Types and come across some advice that adding a PlayStation to the DMZ will help with NAT/Port Forwarding issues.
After resetting my router it charged the NAT Type on something he plays so he logged back on the router and added the PS4 back as a DMZ again.

As it should the Asus passes on the unsolicited ICMP pings to whatevers in the DMZ and the PS4 was responding to them.
The red blocks were periods the PS4 was off.

I've now explained to him what a DMZ does. I've also changed the router admin password!

I'm just glad it wasn't my PC he had added to the DMZ as he sometimes plays some of my Steam library on it.

I don't know if anyone will repeat this mistake but I thought it was worth a post and it gave me a giggle when I realised what was going on.
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