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Standard User Peakoverload
(newbie) Fri 05-Mar-21 09:36:50
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Sky Fibre BQM Result

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I've been with Sky Fibre for a couple of years and in all fairness, they've been great. Never had a problem and a very stable connection. I could almost always guarantee a 55MB download and 18MB upload.

This past week though it's been bad, to the point of being unusable at times. Whereas in the past I would do a speed test, the needle would move up to around 55MB and pretty much stay there. Now the needle fluctuates all the time between 60MB and 16MB. In terms of using the internet, Team video calls and meetings now freeze, If I try and watch a video on YouTube the video stops after a couple of minutes, only briefly, and then starts playing again. VPN connections keep getting disconnected.

This doesn't happen all the time but it does happen very frequently through the day. We've added no new devices, not moved anything, the Wi-Fi signal is still very strong (I've also tried using a wired connection and the problem still exists so it's definitely not wi-fi related). Sky have tested the line and they say I should be getting around 60MB. The thing is I do get roughly that speed, I just don't get it all the time. It's like it can't sustain that speed for too long.

I've run a BQM but I'm having difficulty understanding the results

My Broadband Ping

From the graph it looks like the Internet was in heavy use throughout the night. I did leave my Mac on over night but it wasn't downloading/uploading anything other than the automatic checking for e-mails. We do have three mobiles that were also left on but not doing anything. Every other device was turned off.

My Sky Hub reports:

Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collision Pkts Tx b/s Rx b/s Up Time
WAN MER 10968301 17960832 4 0 0 24:11:00
LAN Down 0 0 0 0 0 00:00:00
WLAN (2.4 GHz) Up 773383 175694 0 2 0 24:10:33
WLAN (5 GHz) Up 18765659 11635736 0 2 2 24:10:09
Broadband Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed (Kbps) 65289 20000
Line Attenuation (dB) DS1:7.8 DS2:16.4 DS3:26.2 US0:0.1 US1:13.0 US2:19.0
Noise Margin (dB) DS1:6.3 DS2:6.3 DS3:6.3 US0:8.9 US1:10.0 US2:8.9

Any ideas what the BQM might be indicating?
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